The Amazing Science-X Challenge (ASXC) 2016

Organised by DSO National Laboratories (DSO), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Science Centre Singapore (SCS), ASXC 2016 continues to challenge participants to build THE X-hibit with THE X-factor.

Let your creative sparks make science come alive as ASXC 2016 returns with more interesting activities that will enrich and inspire your learning journey!

Open to anyone who dares to dream, create and amaze, ASXC 2016 once again challenges teams to design and build a stand-alone exhibit that best explains a physical science phenomenon. Your exhibit should engage and excite your audience as it expresses the marvels of science through its captivating interactivity.

Simply form a team of three and take the opportunity to build Singapore’s most talked about science exhibit! What's more, stand to win attractive prizes and a chance to gain national acclaim as winning exhibits may be selected to be displayed in Science Centre Singapore.

Due to the increasing number of participating teams over the years, as well as the impressive quality and creativity of many of the entries, the recognition system now includes multiple Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals for each category's winners in order to award excellence without the restrictions of quotas.

Calendar of Events
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Early Bird Registration Closing Date
Normal Registration Closing Date
Extended Registration Closing Date
25 Mar 2016 ($30 per team)
15 Apr 2015 ($50 per team)
20 May 2016 ($50 per team)
Competition Briefing NO mass briefing or "Challenge Announcement" event will be held for ASXC 2016. All communication – inquiries, registration, etc – will be via e-mail or telephone. Please read the Rules and Regulations and other important webpages within this website.
Science-X Workshops
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Workshop #1 for Category A
Workshop #2 for Categories B, C, D
Teachers’ Workshop for Cat A,B,C,D
4 Apr 2016
6 Apr 2016
Science-X Clinics
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For registered teams only. By appointment only.
Science Clinics Round 1
Exhibit Clinics Round 1

Science Clinics Round 2
Exhibit Clinics Round 2
23 May 2016 to 27 May 2016
30 May 2016 to 3 Jun 2016

27 June to 01 July 2016
4 Jul 2016 to 8 Jul 2016
Competition Day 1 - Moving in
Competition Day 2 - Judging
Competition Day 3 - Judging
22 Aug 2016
23 Aug 2016
24 Aug 2016
Public Viewing & Award Ceremony 25 Aug 2016