SAFMC Challenge Booklet Updated!

Download the latest copy here now. Key changes to Category D2 are highlighted here.

SAFMC 2015 is Back!

The largest flying machine competition in Singapore is back for the 7th year! It will once again challenge teams to design and build innovative flying machines like no other and pit them against one another in the challenge for the championship!

Think you’ve got what it takes to build the ultimate flying machine? Then grab some friends to form a team, register for the SAFMC 2015 and stand to win fantastic prizes! What are you waiting for? Register here now!

Not to Be Missed!

A look at what went on during
SAFMC 2014!

SAFMC is part of the DSO Amazing Series of Competitions. Challenge your mind and pit your creativity against the best in competitions that collide art with science!

Important dates to note

Date Event
9-Mar Cat C Presentation Preliminaries
Cat D Presentation Preliminaries
10-Mar Cat E Presentation Preliminaries
Cat E Presentation Finals
Cat C Presentation Finals
Cat D Presentation Finals
11-Mar Cat A Presentation Preliminaries
12-Mar Cat B Presentation Preliminaries
Cat E Challenge
13-Mar Cat A Presentation Finals
Cat B Presentation Finals
*Cat E Challenge (Reserve day)
16-Mar Cat A Challenge
17-Mar Cat B Challenge
18-Mar Cat C Challenge
19-Mar Cat D1 Challenge
20-Mar Cat D2 Challenge
21-Mar Awards Ceremony

Hall of Fame


Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) is organised by
DSO National Laboratories and Science Centre Singapore.